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How It Works

We partner with a HIPAA certified mailing network to ensure your letters are mailed quickly, privately, and are sent to your politician in a timely manner. Our letters are mailed First Class and are on their way to Washington within 24 hours. Quick turn around is important so we make sure your letters arrive as soon as possible!

Why Write?

Politicians read their mail. They know they are accountable to citizens that write and send letters because those are the people that take action. While phone calls and emails can be easily pushed aside, a physical letter makes a real impact because it takes up actual space and took sincere effort to send.
We have written several articles for you about the importance of writing and sending official letters, because it is a component of the democratic process and the communication of citizens with their elected representatives:

Private and Secure

All our communication is encrypted with 128-bit encryption. We also encrypt your letters as soon as they reach out database to ensure maximum security. We never read your letters and believe in your right to private communication. After your letter is sent to the printer for processing, we delete it from our servers forever.

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  • Please be polite and concise. Angry letters are rarely acted upon.
  • Speak your mind. Your reps only know what you tell them. Tell them about important issues.

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Before we send your letter we need more information because your rep sees your real return address!

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